Installing Imote2 Bootloader, using jflashmm

NOTE: This toutorial is intended for WIGGLER compatible JTAG devices!
  1. Install GIVEIO.SYS
    1. Copy the included GIVEIO.SYS file to your C:\WINNT\system32\drivers directory.
    2. Choose "Add Hardware" from the Control Panel
    3. Choose NEXT when the Add Hardware Wizard appears.
    4. Check "Yes, I have already added the hardware" button; then choose NEXT.
    5. Scroll down and select "Add a new hardware device", then choose NEXT.
    6. Select "Install hardware manually from list", then choose NEXT.
    7. Select "Ports" from the hardware list and then choose NEXT.
    8. Select "Have Disk" and browse to the giveio.inf file.
    9. Choose OK, then NEXT, then NEXT, then CONTINUE ANYWAY when the digital signing warning message appears.
    10. Confirm and finish the installation by choosing NEXT and then FINISH
  2. We suggest to remove anything programmed from the device by

    Jflash.exe bulbcx16 txtdata.bin E 0x0 WIG

  3. Next, install bootloader_VERSION.bin, by

    Jflash.exe bulbcx16 bootloader_VERSION.bin P 0x0 WIG

  4. If you want to add a specific serialnumber, execute makesnr and write the output in a file called snr. Next execute

    Jflash.exe bulbcx16 snr P 0x3fffc WIG