Automata-Theoretic vs. Property-Oriented Approaches for the Detection of Feature Interactions in IN

J. Bredereke

in: T. Margaria (Hrsg.), "International Workshop on Advanced Intelligent Networks 1996 - AIN'96, Proceedings", Tech. Rep. MIP-9604, pp. 56-70. Univ. of Passau, Germany, 25.-26. Mar. 1996


The feature interaction problem in Intelligent Networks obstructs more and more the rapid introduction of new features. Detecting such feature interactions turns out to be a big problem. The size of the systems and the sheer computational complexity prevents the system developer from checking manually any feature against any other feature. We give an overview on current (verification) approaches and categorize them into property-oriented and automata-theoretic approaches. A comparison turns out that each approach complements the other in a certain sense. We propose to apply both approaches together in order to solve the feature interaction problem.



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