Formal Description Techniques IX - Theory, Application and Tools

R. Gotzhein, J. Bredereke (Eds.):

Chapman & Hall, 1996


The FORTE/PSTV'96 symposium is the joint edition of the Ninth International Conference on Formal Description Techniques (FDTs) and the Sixteenth International Conference on Protocol Specification, Testing, and Verification. For the first time, the hitherto separate conferences of FORTE and PSTV have been combined into one event. This volume includes 28 refereed papers that have been presented at the symposium, and that have been carefully selected by the program committee out of 110 submitted papers, based on more than 400 reviews. Twenty-four of these are classified as research papers, and four, as industrial usage reports. In addition to these papers, FORTE/PSTV'96 featured four distinguished invited speakers: Ed Brinksma, Manfred Broy, Andre Danthine, and Lothar Mackert. The papers read by Manfred Broy and Andre Danthine are included in this volume.


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