Towards Open Estelle

R. Gotzhein, F. Rößler, J. Thees

in: U. Herzog, H. Hermanns (Hrsg.): Formale Beschreibungstechniken für verteilte Systeme, Proceedings des 6. GI/ITG-Fachgesprächs, Erlangen, Germany, 1996, pp. 89-98


In the development of reliable software systems, the use of Formal Description Techniques FDTs is indispensable. An FDT especially designed for the specification of communication systems is Estelle. A weakness of Estelle is the fact that it is not possible to formally specify non-closed systems, i.e. systems embedded into and interacting with some environment that eitherpreexists or shall be developed without the use of Estelle. In this paper, measures to overcome thisproblem are identified. To begin with, pragmatical approaches using the features of standard Estelle to describe and embed non-closed systems are investigated. The experiences of this studylead to a compatible language extension, a first step towards "Open Estelle". Finally, the semantical implications of this extension are addressed.



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