Configuring Communication Protocols Using SDL Patterns

B. Geppert, R. Gotzhein, F. Rößler

in: A. Cavalli, A. Sarma (Eds.): SDL'97 - Time for Testing, Elsevier Science Publishers, Proceedings of the 8th SDL-Forum, Evry, France, 1997


Due to the large variety of modern applications and evolving network technologies, a small number of general-purpose protocol stacks will no longer be sufficient. Rather, customization of communication protocols will play a major role. In this paper, we present an approach that has the potential to substantially reduce the effort for designing customized protocols. Our approach is based on the concept of design patterns, which is well-established in object oriented software development. We specialize this concept to communication protocols, and - in addition - use formal description techniques (FDTs) to specify protocol design patterns as well as rules for their instantiation and composition. The FDTs of our choice are SDL-92 and MSC, which offer suitable language support. We propose an advanced SDL pattern description template, present a particular SDL pattern in detail, and summarize the configuring of a resource reservation protocol.


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