Protocol Implementation with Estelle - from Prototypes to Efficient Implementations

J. Thees

in: S. Budkowski, S. Fischer, R. Gotzhein: Proc. of the 1st International Workshop of the Formal Description Technique Estelle (ESTELLE'98), Evry, France, Nov. 1998


Automatic generation of implementations directly from formal specifications is an important factor for the attractiveness of formal methods in practical software development. Important requirements from a practical point of view are correctness, efficiency and simple integration into pre-existing environments. In this paper we present the eXperimental Estelle Compiler (XEC). Together with a set of performance analysis tools and benchmark specifications it builds a platform for implementation and optimization experiments with the FDT Estelle. Furthermore, we discuss different optimization approaches and extensions that we are currently implementing based on XEC. This paper describes ongoing work.



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