Consolidating and Applying the SDL-Pattern Approach: A Detailed Case Study

R. Gotzhein

Information and Software Technology (Elsevier), Vol. 45, No. 11, 2003, pp. 727-741


This paper is on design methodology for communication systems. The SDL-pattern approach proposed recently is consolidated and applied rigorously and in detail to the design of a typical communication system on two levels of abstraction. The design is decomposed into a number of steps, each of which is carried out systematically, building on well-proven, generic pieces of solutions that have proven useful in previous projects. These generic solutions - termed SDL patterns - support reuse-driven design of communication systems, raise the vocabulary of protocol engineer to a problem-oriented level, assist the discovery and exploitation of commonalities, and lead to welljustified designs. The selection and use of SDL patterns is supported by a fine-grained incremental design process, the pattern definition takes advantage of formal design languages, and a set of heuristics addresses the decomposition of communication requirements. All these elements are presented and applied in detail to the design of a simple, but functionally complete communication system.


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