Developing Reliable Systems with SDL Design Patterns and Design Components

C. Webel, I. Fliege, A. Geraldy, R. Gotzhein

Workshop on Integrated Reliability with Telecommunications and UML Languages, (Witul 2004), Rennes, France, 2004


SDL is a system design language that is being promoted for the development of reliable systems. In this paper, we apply SDL to capture design solutions to well-known mechanisms found in reliable systems - a watchdog and a heartbeat - for reuse. In particular, we present a methodology to augment system reliability step-by-step, and define and apply generic design solutions for reliable systems expressed as SDL design patterns and SDL design components. These solutions can be integrated into an existing system design, to protect against certain types of system failures. We illustrate the approach by an application to a remote airship flight control over WLAN.


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