NXP/MPR - An Optimized Ad-Hoc Flooding Algorithm

I. Fliege, A. Geraldy

Technical Report 343/05, Department of Computer Science, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2005


In the report, we will present a selective flooding algorithm for a voice radio application in mobile ad hoc networks called NXP/MPR. NXP/MPR, the Neighbor Exchange Protocol with Multi Point Relay, aims at reducing the network load compared to basic flooding and thereby alleviating problems arising from bandwidth shortage. It does not only fit to the voice radio application, but can be used for a variety of broadcast problems. The voice radio application is chosen as a challenge due to the high usage of bandwidth and the restricted ressources in ad hoc networks. We will describe the basic idea behind NXP/MPR, give some detailed inside into the engineering, and we will present performance simulations comparing NXP/MPR and basic flooding for several scenarios.



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