Development of a Runtime Environment for SDL Systems on Resource-Limited Platforms

M. Krämer, T. Kuhn

Technical Report 345/05, Department of Computer Science, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2005


This report describes our ongoing work of creating a runtime platform for SDL systems on resource limited platforms. It mainly focuses the connection of generated SDL systems with a generic environment through the SDL Environment Framework for micro controllers, called uSEnF. The uSEnF enables SDL systems to communicate through a mostly hardware independent interface with the native hardware. This approach keeps the SDL systems portable, since no hardware dependent functions are contained within the SDL systems. It also keeps uSEnF portable, since its interaction points with generated SDL systems and operating systems are well defined. This way, only relevant parts of uSEnF must be changed when it is ported to another runtime platform, or when it should be used with a different code generator. Additionally, this report presents our first experiences on creating code for the MicaZ motes from crossbow, a platform that is used for very small applications within the domain of ambient intelligence and sensor networks.



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