Performance Simulation of Distributed Embedded Self-Organizing Systems Modeled with SDL

P. Becker, R. Gotzhein, T. Kuhn

in: H. de Meer, P. Wüchner, A. Houyou (Eds.), Self-organizing Systema - New Trends in Architectures and Performance Modeling, Passau, Germany, 2006


SDL is one of the formal design languages used for model-driven development of distributed systems. Models specified with SDL can be used directly for performance simulations. To obtain accurate performance assessments, all resources influencing system performance must be simulated together. In this work, we present PartsSim, a tool that is capable of simulating the performance of SDL models, taking limitations of hardware platform and network into account. Several performance simulations of a simple self-organizing MicaZ network scenario provide evidence for the additional accuracy achieved with PartsSim.


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