ConTraST - A Configurable SDL Transpiler And Runtime Environment

I. Fliege, R. Grammes, C. Weber

Proc. of 5th SAM (SDL And MSC) Workshop, 2006, Kaiserslautern, Germany


ConTraST is a configurable C++ code generator that provides a mapping of SDL specifications in SDL/PR to an object oriented C++ representation. The transformation from one high level language to another allows the configuration of supported language features, giving the name: a configurable transpiler. The intention is to obtain the object oriented structure and thereby increase the readability and traceability of the generated code. This code is compiled together with an SDL runtime environment, which has derived by manually transforming the formal semantics of SDL-2000 standard Z.100 F.3 into C++ preserving both structure and behavior. This provides a continuous traceability from the SDL specification to the executing system including its runtime environment.


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