SDL Profiles - Definition and Formal Extraction

R. Grammes, R. Gotzhein

Technical Report 350/06, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2006


Over a period of 30 years, ITU-T's Specification and Description Language (SDL) has matured to a sophisticated formal modelling language for distributed systems and communication protocols. The language definition of SDL-2000, the latest version of SDL, is complex and difficult to maintain. Full tool support for SDL is costly to implement. Therefore, only subsets of SDL are currently supported by tools. These SDL subsets - called SDL profiles - already cover a wide range of systems, and are often sufficient in practice. In this report, we present our approach for extracting the formal semantics for SDL profiles from the complete SDL semantics. We then formalise the approach, present our SDL-profile tool, and report on our experiences.



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