A Generic Framework for the Accurate Simulation of SDL Models

T. Kuhn, P. Becker

Proc. of 5th SAM (SDL And MSC) Workshop, 2006, Kaiserslautern, Germany


To produce accurate performance assessments of SDL models by simulation, all resources influencing system performance must be simulated together. Existing performance simulators usually support the simulation of a single resource only. One way to achieve support of multiple resources is the extension of existing simulators. In this paper, we present a different solution that can be realized with a relatively small effort. The core of the solution is a simulator interconnection framework for the performance simulation of SDL models. With this framework, existing simulators for different resources can be integrated. We show how the framework has been used to integrate ns-2 (network simulation), Avrora (hardware simulation), and a simulator extension for SDL models. Several performance simulations of a Mica network scenario provide evidence for the additional accuracy achieved with the integrated simulator.


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