QoS Specification Technique Requirements in the Context of AmI Systems

D. Schneider, M. Becker, C. Webel

BelAmI Report No. 003.06/E and IESE-Report No. 069.06/E, June 2006.


Providing a dependable Quality of Service (QoS) in ambient intelligence (AmI) systems implies the integration of specific additional QoS functionalities which are distributed from end-to-end across different system layers. Furthermore, as a basis for those mechanisms to work on, services need to make their expected and provided qualities explicit. Due to the high complexity it is essential to consider QoS as early as possible in a systems life cycle. To this end, one important aspect is an appropriate QoS specification technique to specify QoS already at development time. Since this is also true for other domains, numerous QoS specification techniques have been proposed over the past few years. However, due to the fact that all those approaches arose from different domains and are often focused on specific layers of the end-toend architecture, it is a difficult task to assess their appropriateness in the context of AmI systems. Consequently this report aims at eliciting the requirements on a QoS specification technique for the context of AmI. Based on the requirements our subsequent steps focus on a detailed analysis of different QoS specification techniques and mechanisms and the synthesis of appropriate concepts into a sound OoS approach for AmI systems.


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