Micro Protocol Based Design of Routing Protocols for Ad-hoc Networks

I. Fliege, A. Geraldy, R. Gotzhein

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems (NOTERE 2007), Marrakesh, Morocco, 2007, pp. 47-58


In this paper, we present a generic routing protocol architecture, enabling a wellstructured, micro protocol based design of complex routing protocols. With this architecture, different kinds of (elementary) routing algorithms, e.g., for unicast, multicast, bordercast, and broadcast routing, for proactive and reactive network status determination, and for sourcebased, aggregated, and hierarchical route discovery, can be composed into an integrated, complex routing protocol that covers a broad spectrum of network scenarios. To show the feasibility of the micro protocol based design, we apply the generic architecture to the composition of two complementary, self-contained, light-weight routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks, called AODVlight and DSDVlight, which we have devised and formally specified with SDL. As shown by model-driven simulations, the composed routing protocol outperforms both AODVlight and DSDVlight.


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