AmICom - Middleware Support for Ambient Communication

J. Koch, I. Fliege

2nd Workshop on Requirements and Solutions for Pervasive Software Infrastructures (RSPSI) at the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp)


Intelligent environments are based on services that are deployed on hardware nodes that communicate among each other. Generic and light-weight communication middleware for service interaction is the basis of the ubiquitous idea. Actuator, sensor and information systems as well multimedia devices are distributed over a set of hardware nodes. If service discovery, interaction paradigms, availability check, capability, and context description are already considered on the communication level, it is easier for service developers to implement robust, powerful and efficient applications. Learning from conventional embedded systems helps to understand the ambient view beginning at resource-constrained hardware and pragmatic communication paradigms. Naturally, embedded systems are already pervasive and ambient regarding service distribution, thus hiding the technology from the user. Interfaces are often only indirectly specified and the collaboration structure is static. In this work, AmICom, a new light-weight communication middleware for dynamic ambient applications is presented. This middleware is already in use on several nodes within a prototypical assisted living environment.



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