Model-driven Development of a MAC Layer for Ad-hoc Networks with SDL

D. Christmann, P. Becker, R. Gotzhein, T. Kuhn

Workshop on ITU System Design Languages, Geneva, Switzerland, Sep 15-16, 2008


This paper outlines the specification and evaluation of a MAC layer for wireless ad-hoc networks in the context of SDL Model-Driven Development (SDL-MDD), a model-driven approach that utilizes SDL as modelling language. The MDD process leads through the complete development of networked systems in a holistic model-driven way with an extensive support for reuse in form of SDL patterns and SDL components, especially micro protocols. We show the incremental steps that transfer our case study, the development of the MAC layer MacZ, from a solution-independent model into a platform-specific model with focus on the combination of SDL-MDD with micro protocols. Furthermore, we highlight the advantages of SDL-MDD regarding the fast evaluation of the specified system.


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