Model-driven Platform-specific Testing through Configurable Simulations

T. Kuhn, R. Gotzhein

4th European Conference on Model Driven Architecture Foundations and Applications (ECMDA'2008), Berlin, Germany, 2008


The increasing size and complexity of software systems requires advanced testing methodologies. Since platform limitations can void the results of test suites, especially the embedded systems domain requires testing methodologies that also consider hardware resources. Currently, the UML testing profile, a standardized methodology for specifying test cases, does not support modeling of deployments. Furthermore, deploying a model on a real hardware platform is not feasible in early development stages. In this work, address this problem and present a solution, consisting of our modeling framework for platform-specific testing scenarios based on the UML testing profile, and our simulation tool C-PartsSim. With this tool, it is possible to connect specialized simulators at runtime, thereby providing a configurable, platform-specific system simulation for testing. We describe the automatic transformation from scenario models to a tailored simulator instance for a concrete testing scenario and present case studies to demonstrate the flexibility and accuracy of our approach.


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