A New Approach to the Joint Design of Control and Communication in Wireless Networked Control Systems

A. Chamaken, L. Litz, M. Krämer, R. Gotzhein

AUTOMATION 2009 - Der Automationskongress in Deutschland, VDI-Berichte/VDI-Tagungsbände


Wireless technologies are increasingly being used in the automation industry. The development and adoption of new wireless protocol standards such as WirelessHART is a key factor to this development. However, none of the existing standards was designed specifically for control applications. There are three general approaches to the design of wireless networked control systems for a given control problem. The first approach consists of designing controllers to stabilize the control system without network and select the best available communication system to achieve best control performance (Communication meets Control). The second approach is to select a communication system and design the best controllers for the chosen communication system to achieve best control performance (Control meets Communication). The third approach, our approach, is to jointly design both the control system and the communication system to achieve best control performance (Cross-Design). In this contribution, we present a new approach to the joint design of control and communication. We show how simple controllers can be used in conjunction with a newly designed and customized wireless communication system to stabilize an inverted pendulum equipped with low power low energy wireless sensor nodes under computing and energy constraints and achieve best control performance. Simulation and experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the method.


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