The Stability of Try-Once-Discard for Stochastic Communication Channels: Theory and Validation

L. Hoang Duc, D. Christmann, R. Gotzhein, S. Siegmund, F. Wirth

54th Conference on Decision and Control, Osaka, Japan, December 15-18 2015


This paper concerns communication protocols for nonlinear networked control systems and bounds on the communication in a stochastic setting. Motivated by a recent implementation of the Maximum-Error-First/Try-Once-Discard (MEF/TOD) protocol for wireless networks, we analyze the stability of network control protocols in a stochastic framework. It is shown that using the Lyapunov description already employed in the literature strong stability results can be obtained. Specifically, the stochastic stability notions of almost sure attractivity and stability in probability can be guaranteed provided a bound on the maximum allowable transfer interval (MATI) is satisfied. These bounds turn out to be generalizations of known bounds for the deterministic case. We briefly present the implementation of TOD for wireless networks and present experimental data that validate the assumptions made for the stochastic analysis.


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