A Clustering Algorithm for Distributed Service Registries in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

C. Kramer, D. Christmann, R. Gotzhein

In: Wireless Days 2016, Toulouse, France, March 23-25, 2016. Proceedings. XXX-YYY


In this paper, we present Heterogeneous Network Clustering (HNC), a novel clustering algorithm for the establishment of distributed service registries in heterogeneous stationary wireless networks. HNC is deterministic and distinguishes between nodes that must, may, or must not become cluster heads and/or gateways – hence heterogeneous networks, such that constraints regarding functionality and energy of nodes can be considered. In clustering terminology, HNC determines a 3-hop-connected 1-hop dominating set that respects these constraints and optimizes connectivity between cluster heads through additional gateway nodes. We have evaluated various topologies, and have compared it with existing clustering approaches such as LCA and MaxMinD. Furthermore, we have implemented HNC on small sensor nodes, and have deployed it in a production setting.


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