A Three-Dimensional Stabilization Protocol for Time-Slotted Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks with Channel Hopping

P. Aragao, M. Engel, R. Gotzhein

In: 32nd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA) 2018, Pages 32-39


Cognitive radio networks provide solutions for the coexistence of primary users (license holders) and secondary users within a licensed spectrum. In this paper, we present and assess a three-dimensional stabilization protocol for cognitive radio networks, addressing the dimensions time, channel, and space. For stabilization in time and space, nodes agree on a global time structure consisting of superslots and macroslots. For stabilization of network-wide channel usage, nodes determine and share global schedules, which assign channels of sufficient quality to macroslots. The stabilization protocol realizes a conservative strategy, whereby nodes only transmit on channels that have a sufficient locally measured quality and have been assigned in a recent schedule. Furthermore, the protocol is robust against topology changes. To assess the stabilization capability of the protocol, we introduce the notion of schedule-consistency, and evaluate the protocol performance in a series of ns-3 simulations.


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