Dynamic Overlay Line Topology Establishment and Repair in Wireless Networks

H. Sefati, R. Gotzhein, C. Kramer, S. Schloesser, M. Weiss

In: IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2018, Barcelona, Spain, 2018. Proceedings. XXX-YYY


For various applications such as formation of electronically coupled truck convoys, status monitoring of freight trains, and operation of production lines, a line topology is a natural and suitable network structure. It is natural, because the physical layout in these applications is linear; it is suitable, because it supports the functionality of these applications, e.g. fast detection of convoy splits, network clustering, and routing between network nodes. In this paper, we propose an approach for the dynamic establishment and repair of an overlay line topology in wireless networks. To form this topology, only stable bidirectional links, i.e. links that are sufficiently reliable in both directions, are selected. For this purpose, we present an approach for the dynamic detection and statistical assessment of links. We have devised a protocol for both approaches, and have implemented, deployed, and tested this protocol on an industrial hardware platform using Bluetooth Low Energy.


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